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Swim Dress: Your perfect choice for summer!

Let’s imagine that you are on vacation after a long work period. Whether is summer and you are on an amazing beach in the afternoon. Do you want to be both comfortable and stylish during all these beautiful dream? Then, swim dresses are the best option for you. Burkini Remsa is here to enrich your summer season by designing unique swimming suits with high-quality and soft textured fabrics! Let’s discover together the magnificent swim dresses produced by Burkini Remsa and its magical world!

Choosing swim dress in summer: Excellent option for you!

One of the clothes you will wear on a great summer day is swim dresses. Swim dresses can be a good alternative for different summer holidays. But, why do you choose a swim dress? What are the features of swim dresses? There are very important reasons why you choose the swim dress for your swimming experience.

Both elegance and comfort together

It is often difficult to combine elegance and comfort. However, it is possible to feel both stylish and comfortable with swimming suits. While offering a comfortable feeling in the water with its flexible and soft structure, it makes you look elegant with its perfect design. It can also be a great option for women who prefer conservative swimwear. Burkini Remsa designs unique swimming suits for you with different designs and quality.

Trend in everywhere

As well as looks and comfort, fashion also occupies an important place in our lives. Swim dresses are among the trendy and trendy products. With its elegant and stylish appearance, it has already taken its place among the trends of the beaches. With Burkini Remsa swimwear, you can also be among the trends.

One-piece design

Swimwear is a good choice for women with its one-piece and soft structure. It can be easily worn and at the same time, it provides a more closed appearance due to being one piece.

The most important features that should be in a swim dress

Let’s say you choose a swim dress to wear on the beach on a great summer day. When you chose a swim dress, you should discover some features for best looking and perfect comfort. We have listed the important features that should be in swimming suits for you. Let’s take a look together.

Fabric quality and structure

As in all dresses, the quality of the fabric is very important in swim dresses. Quality fabrics make the garment long-lasting. In addition, it is important that the fabric used in swim dress is water-resistant and does not fade in water. You will not feel wet when you get out of the water with these quality swimming suits and you will enjoy the sun.

Comfortable texture

It is also important that the swimming suit feels comfortable and does not cause allergies. For this reason, it is very important for swimming suits that the texture is suitable for you.


Of course, all clothes must be comfortable, but swimwear and swim dress must be flexible to move comfortably in the water. When choosing your swimming suit, make sure that it has a flexible fabric.

Who is Burkini Remsa? What are they doing for you?

Founded in 2017, the Burkina Remsa in Turkey has become a global brand in a very short time. It now serves in the United States of America, Arabia, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Burkini Remsa is a company that focuses on providing you the best swimming experiences with amazing products. In addition to this experience, we care that you are both comfortable and stylish. The quality of Burkini Remsa, a world brand that works with the best designers to produce trends and new products for you by following the fashion closely, is indisputable!

We are here to make you feel happy and beautiful while enjoying the summer with our variety of models and unique swim dress! Let’s look at the features of our products!

Why you should choose Burkini Remsa?: Important points in our quality

Of course, when choosing a product, you look at every feature, right? How is the fabric? Are the colors vivid? The answer to your all questions like these is in Burkini Remsa! Burkini Remsa, a world brand, works with the best designers to produce the best and quality products for you.

Model variety

Burkini Remsa produces different types of models while offering you excellent swimming experiences. In this way, you can find the most suitable and comfortable model for you with Burkini Remsa quality. With its variety of models, it allows you to make a difference to your holiday and personalize the product you choose. Discover Burkini Remsa, all of the designed models are unique from each other!

Variety of colors and patterns

Burkini Remsa aims to appeal to you and your eye taste by using all colors of the rainbow and nature in its models. If you wish, you can have a natural look in green, which is the color of nature or meet the harmony of red to look elegant and striking. In addition, it allows you to carry products suitable for different environments with different unique patterns. If you want, you can look natural and beautiful with a flower pattern or have an unusual and modern look with degrade patterns.

Quality of fabric

As we mentioned before, fabric quality is very important in swimming suits. The fabric should not fade in color and should be water-resistant. Burkini Remsa designs comfortable swimming suits that fit your body with the highest quality and lycra fabrics. In this way, you can have long-lasting swimwear and a swim dress. Burkini Remsa will be your number one choice with its fabric selection that shows different patterns and colors vividly. Trust us!

Flexible structure

Burkini Remsa offers you a comfortable feeling with its flexible fabric structure and prevents deformation and deformation. You can also enjoy the summer and the sea comfortably with swim dresses that are easy to wear due to their flexible structure!

Plus size options

Burkini Remsa solves the problem of not being able to find a size with the wide range of sizes it produces. With its large size possibilities, it produces unique products suitable for all sizes and offers them to your satisfaction. You can check out our Plus Size Swimwear category, which has different models.

Semi-covered and conservative options

Burkini Remsa allows you to find the most comfortable model by producing semi-covered burkini swimwear or conservative swimwear according to your preference. It aims to make you feel more comfortable with its conservative products. Most of the products it produces are modest and simple. You can find the structure that swim dress you in the color and pattern you want with different models produced in both styles.

Always innovative and productive

Burkini Remsa follows an innovative and productive policy by producing new products every season to please you. They design different and extraordinary products with their successful designers. In this way, you can always look modern with trendy and trendy swimsuits. Don’t forget to check out the Best of 2023!

Collections by Burkini Remsa: Different kinds of models

Are you ready for a variety of models? Burkini Remsa designed different kinds of models for your pleasure. All of them unique and stylish to beautify the summer season! Also, each product is produced with special and high-quality fabrics and presented to your taste.

Let’s take a look at these beautiful models together!

  • Islamic Swimwear: Swimming clothes are designed with a comfortable fabric that completely covers the body.
  • Modest Swimwear: Unique products produced with simple and elegant designs. Products in this category:

*Plus Size Modest Swimwear

*Semi-Covered Modest Swimwear

  • Muslim Swimwear: Different kinds of swimming suits that cover your body and look stylish. Products in this category:

* Burkini Modest Swimwear

*Discounted Burkini

*Full Coverage Swimsuit

*Lycra Fabric Burkini

*Plus Size Burkini

*Sports Illustrated Burkini

  • Swim dress: Unique designs that combine stylish and comfortable looks. Products in this category:

* Modest Swim Dress

* Skirted Swimsuit

  • Burkini accessories: Swimsuits cover-up. Perfect accessories to compliment your swimwear under the sun. Gorgeous pareos in different designs and colors.

You can look more detailed in Burkini Remsa’s website for unique designs.

Burkini Remsa collection for swim dress: Best options for you!

Burkini Remsa aims to make you feel special by designing beautiful and cool swim dresses. It reflects the quality you deserve to all of its products with its different and special designs. Let’s take a look at swim dresses to feel special and elegant. Here are the modern and stylish swim dresses!

  1. Auckland Skirted Modest Swimdress: Are you ready for an ultra-comfortable swimming experience with its light and lycra structure? Then the Auckland skirted modest swim dress is just for you! This product, which gives an elegant dress look to pieces with its black skirt and movable chest, will show you both elegant and sporty. Experience this product that we will use everywhere easily with Burkini Remsa.
  2. Seamoss Swimdress: You can feel stylish and comfortable with this product with a flower and leaf pattern that provides a lively look on black. With its quality fabric structure, the colors will look vibrant for years. In addition, due to its flexible structure, it is not deformed and you can use it easily. You will have a look in nature with this modest swim dress.
  3. Pink Lily Swimdress: With this product, one of the best in the 2023 category, it is now your turn to be a trend! Intense pink lily patterns dance on the black. Thanks to its quality fabric structure, pink lilies look alive and unique. You can also use this product, which consists of two parts, together with different models according to your style.
  4. Brisbane Modest Swimdress: You will love this modern swim dress in which the most beautiful shades of blue are used with brush strokes. You will look different from everyone with this swim dress, which looks very abstract and modern with the perfect use of colors. You can catch the elegant look on the beach with this model, which gives the appearance of a dress that covers your body with its narrow cut structure.
  5. Sports Marine Print Swimdress: Providing a sporty look with a more closed and comfortable swimwear, this product is a great choice for those who care about their comfort! The swim dress, which consists of two-piece tights and dress models at the knee-length, perfectly blends the two shades of blue. This product, which has a cool look with faded patterns on the upper part, will offer you an extra comfortable swimming experience.
  6. Brasileiro Swim Dress: Would you like to look like a stylish dress on the beach? Then this elegant model is designed for you. You will catch the modest look with the small geometric patterns formed in the harmony of white and black on the chest and the flat structure of the lower part. Also, you will have a natural look with the modest décolleté on the back and chest. In addition, with its flexible and durable fabric structure, it will allow you to float in the water and relax.

What is More? Feminine Modest Swim Dresses

Let’s see what is more about modest swim dresses that has a feminine look on Burkini Remsa!

  1. Hestia Skirted Swimdress: Imagine the ethnic pattern in a swimsuit? Wouldn’t it be great? Here, this model has an ordinary look with the ethnic pattern created by the harmony of black and white on the chest. With the narrow bottom part of the upper part with a skirt, it provides you a thinner and more pleasant appearance. In addition, thanks to its lycra fabric, you can move easily in the water and enjoy the sea.
  2. Lindsay Modest Skirted Swim Dress: Are you looking for the perfect lightness and sophistication? Lindsay Modest Skirted Swim Dress has been made for you! While it reflects the nobility of black with its flat black fabric, it also provides a thin and modern look with white stripes on the waist. The product has such a light and flexible fabric that it allows you to float like a swan in the water. Isn’t that great?
  3. Johannesburg Skirted Swimsuit: Witness the perfect harmony of blue, white, gray, and black! This product, produced with high-quality fabrics, combined the natural appearance of flowers with modernity with the huge flower patterns on it. Do not miss this product that will allow you to move comfortably in the water and have a great swimming experience with its narrow top and wide bottom.
  4. Plus Size Navy Swimdress: Are you looking for an extra-large size? Then Navy Swim Dress will be a great choice with its simple and stylish design! It is perfect for those who love simplicity with its plain and single-color design. This product, which will make you ultra-comfortable with the tights on the bottom and the dress on the top, is also available in 3XL and 4XL size options.
  5. Purple Impact Modest Swimwear: Produced for those who love vivid and bright purple color, this product allows you to capture both a stylish and modern look with its pattern and simple structure on the upper part. It is very comfortable due to its lycra fabric. It allows you to feel comfortable on the beach and in the water with the tights of the lower part. Thanks to its special fabric, it is not damaged in water and dries very quickly. It is also suitable for all sizes with its extremely wide range of sizes (S to 5XL).
  6. Popular Basic Swimdress: For those looking for a modest, simple look, the popular Basic Swimdress is a very simple and clean design with nude mink color. While being in the form of a dress provides a feminine look, you also get comfortable with its fabric structure and color. It is perfect for women who care about comfort and freedom!

The products we are talking about are just some of the Burkini Remsa swim dress. You can review different models of swimsuits on Burkini Remsa’s website Visit the website to reach more products and get lost in quality!

Carefully Prepared Website for Online Modest Swimwear Shopping

Burkini Remsa has designed a great site for you to access the wonderful products you designed most easily and conveniently. On the site, it is possible to see products in all categories from every angle and in vivid colors. Thanks to the easy interface of the site, it is now very easy to find the products you are looking for!

You can find the products we mentioned in the article and many more on our website. You can also see the unique photos of the products on our Instagram profile and find alternatives for your preference. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!

Discover the Burkini Remsa quality, feel the soft and unique swim dresses, you will never regret it! This swim dress will add color to your summer. We are waiting for you! Visit our website to find unique 2023 new products that will meet your desires!

Dress Swimsuits on Remsa Burkini

You will able to find all of our swimwear product collections on the product list above. You can purchase pick one of those products or you can also filter those swim dress products due to your interests: Modest, Plus Size, Skirted.

With the new summer season, we have designed new colorful swimsuits for you. One of the richest collections of our company is dress swimwear products. You can tap/click on our products in the list above and get more information on each of them. Remsa Burkini is providing the best quality products for you. Our dress swimsuits are made in Turkey and produced with popular Turkish textile materials. Therefore you will wear high-quality, safe and healthy swimwear.

Free Shipping on All Swimdress Products

You will not need to make an extra payment for shipping at all. You will receive your product free. Our clients can get more information on shipping by contacting us or the live support system of Remsa Burkini.

If you have any questions about shipping, please feel free to contact us. A representative will contact you as soon as possible.

High-Quality Fabrics on Dress Swimwear

All swim dress products have produced with high-quality fabrics and materials.  You will able to find unique products with unique designs on our collections. There are lycra, tight, skirted models on our collection. You will also find many alternative collections of Burkini Remsa in other categories.