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Alternatives to Islamic Swimsuit

Burkini Modest Swimwear (34)

Full Coverage Burkini (88)

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Don’t you want to feel comfortable and chic at the same time while having fun at the poolside or at the beach in summer? We are offering this comfort to you with the Islamic swimwear options. Don’t give up on a pleasant pool or sea holiday because of your clothes preferences! With our various Islamic swimwear options, we offer products that provide maximum comfort for swimming and fabrics suitable for summer months. Before you start preparing your holiday suitcase this summer, you should definitely do an Islamic swimwear shopping.

Types of Islamic Swimwear

Among the different categories on our website, you can easily find the following products:

Full-covered Burkini Swimsuit: These swimsuits that cover your entire body are produced with the best quality fabrics and sewing methods in order to prevent any irritation on your body when it comes into contact with water. Fully covered modest swimsuits can be the perfect choice for poolside enjoyment with colorful options and trendy models suitable for combination.

Semi Covered Swimwear: If you want to choose Semi Covered Swimwear, you can check out the different category of swimsuits with many size options in the related category on our website. Semi-covered swimsuits usually consist of a capri-tights and a tunic worn over it. These swimsuits cover the intimate parts of your body. But since it is not completely closed, it allows you to sunbathe and move more easily. All of our carefully selected products are manufactured to provide you with maximum comfort in the water.

Other Options: Thanks to our Lycra swimsuit options, even if you can’t find the large size you are looking for, our swimsuits will be suitable for you! You will feel more comfortable while swimming and spending time on the beach thanks to the wide range of models.