2022 Summer Burkini Fashion

Muslim Swimwear Trends: What To Wear in Poolside in 2021 Summer?


You are definitely at the right time to bring your Muslim and modest clothing style to the fun seaside moments. Burkini, one of the most preferred products recently, will make you stylish, elegant, and cool. Okay, so what exactly can you wear by the sea? Which products offer you real timeless elegance with their colors and patterns? We examined BurkiniRemsa’s exclusive collection and prepared a very impressive list for you. We are sure that you will achieve great results if you combine the following products with modest swimwear products that can match each other in terms of color and pattern. We know very well that elegance is never the result of coincidence!

Scarf and Bonnet Models

When we examine the 2021 modest summer fashion, some innovations stand out, especially in scarf and bonnet models. For example, when you look at the Colored Arrow Burkini Swimsuit in the exclusive collection of Burkini Remsa, you see that the bonnet in the set contains a pattern consisting of two different blocks. While the front stripe is colored, the back is completely plain. This look can really be preferred for a large number of products.

Patterns and colors: It is really easy to get a lively and lively look with bonnets and scarves that have a similar pattern or color to the Burkini swimsuit.

Frills: Some bonnets have a slight fluff at the back. This creates a much more elegant and elaborate look. When you are by the sea or by the pool, you can feel like you are on the podium. For example, Pineapple Pattern Black Modest Burkini‘s bonnet has exactly this type of image.

V-shaped design: The fronts of some bonnets can have a V-shaped design. These models, which cover the temples, are frequently preferred by women who want to have a modest style. For example, the bonnet of the Lycra Embroidered Burkini set can be given as an example.

Burkini Swimsuit Pareo – Caftan

We recommend you try caftan or pareo models in order to create a more elegant and chic style with your Burkini in the summer months. These are really popular lately because people even attend poolside lunch parties using these types of products. It is both a modest style and extremely stylish.

Leaf patterned: Those who want to create a feminine style often prefer leaf-patterned pareo caftan models. These can be combined with similar patterned burkini models. For example, Green Leaves Burkini Pareo (Caftan) is an option exactly as we mentioned!

Ethnic patterns: You will love ethnic patterns inspired by the styles of African tribes and Mayans. The colorful feathers on the products inspiring with their unique styles. For having these types of looks, check out Mayan Burkini Caftan (Pareo).

Plain: Simplicity continues to be one of the most important keys to elegant looks. You can choose Salma Burkini Caftan (Pareo) and similar products with their pleasant textures made entirely of tulle.

Plus Size Burkini Options

Finally, you can choose full-coverage or half-coverage styles with plus-size burkini models to meet real elegance. These have attracted a high rate of interest in recent times. Because we know that body affirmation has become the trend of the 21st century: No matter how many sizes you wear, elegance can always be with you! The BurkiniRemsa designers obviously think just like that. For this reason, they have made it possible with a large number of burkini models. The products are extremely impressive, with a large selection of sizes from XS to 7XL. We especially loved Oversized Zebra Print Burkini model. Because animal print is really trendy these days!