Yes, we are almost shipping to every country in the world.

There is no charge for delivery options on Remsa Burkini at all. It is free.

Burkini Remsa is contracted one of the best delivery companies of the world. (DHL) We don’t charge you with delivery and taxes. The delivery time depends on the country where you live.

We package your order and submit the package to the shipping service for the fastest delivery.

We are not shipping weekends at the moment.


Burkini Remsa doesn’t pay custom taxes.

Wishlist is a page where you can gather all products that you like. You can compare those products with another and decide to purchase one of those swimsuits.

You can contact us through email, WhatsApp and live support.

We recommend you to contact our support when you want to cancel your order. After we give your package to the shipping company, it won’t be possible to cancel or change your product.